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Rigamani Construction's vision is to be a leading civil and building construction company committed to the reconstruction and development of the resources in South Africa and the rest of the world.

Key factors in this vision are:

    Appropriate cutting-edge technology, total quality and profitability, professional and timely engineering solutions
    The development of our communities and our nation(s) at large
    The protection of the environment
    The empowerment of the previously disadvantaged individuals, e.g. women, the disabled, etc.

Service Strategy

Rigamani Construction is committed to satisfying its clients' needs through the provision of cost-effective engineering solutions on time, within budget, appropriate standards, set the standard by combining professionalism, service and quality.

In support of this we are committed:

    To be the preferred supplier of profitable selected engineering construction and environmental services to a broad
                           customer base through sustained quality service
                                          To survive and thrive with integrity and enterprise thereby creating stakeholder wealth
                                            and opportunities for employee advancement
                                               To provide total quality, cost effective, professional and timely engineering solutions and
                                               products to satisfy the business needs of RC's customers
                                                   To be the most responsive and reliable engineering company in the industry

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